Appendix 3: Letter from Margaret Kreie, dated April 2nd 1955

(The following was transcribed from the original letter in ink. It is reproduced as was written by Margaret.)

I rec'd your letter glad to hear from you Dad sure had a very nice funeral he died sunday night before 11 o'clock and before he died he said Moma-papa he diden't want to talk much anymore and diden't drink anymore he coulden't get it down anymore and the nurse told me that he woulden't live until MonHe coulden't talk anymore I think he had some ailment inside because he always acted that wayPfeffer sure fixed him up good he had a very nice casket brown wooden one matched his suit he didnt charge for the 40 dollars to take him to Antiago and he left everything cheaper the whole bill was only 675 dollars the man from Antiago that has charge of the Chiefs that Dad belonged too send a check for 200 dollars and I had 100 home so I paid 200 down and Monday I am going down to the and get the rest and pay everything, Pfeffers has a very large funeral home but it was so crowded in the evening the Hollanders and Dickies gave a beautifull plant and I told Mildred to take it to her home and the undertaker took it along to her the service was at 11 o'clock from there we went over to East and had dinner and then went to Antiago we had to wait at the funeral for the masons to come and they then we had to go voer to Don's Mother and had supper there and from there we went home and got back at 8:30 o'clock, Dad looked very nice Herman had Carl paint the bedroom so I had the bed room rug outside and washed all the clothes that were on the bed and tonight I will sleep in t.  I am sending you a larger clipping when I get it.  With Love as Ever Margaret.