William and Elida Kreie: 1910s

1910 United States Federal Census, Antigo, Langlade Co., Wisconsin:
Last name:    First name:    Relation:    Sex: Age: Born:
Kreie William C Head M 30 Wisconsin
Elida Wife F 30 Wisconsin
Edward G Son M 4 Wisconsin
Kiefert Robert C Boarder M 2 Wisconsin
Kluezel Florence Boarder F 14 Wisconsin

Florence Kluezel disappeared from family history after the 1910 census. What caused her to be a boarder at the rather tender age of 14 is not known. William's occupation on the 1910 census is listed as an engineer on the railroad.

The family was probably living in a small farm on the outskirts of Manitowoc by this time. The farm was described as having a garden and some farm animals including a horse. A contemporary picture of the home located on the northeast edge of Manitowoc is shown below:


The remaining four children, all daughters, were born to William and Elida during the decade and all were born in Antigo, Wisconsin. Ruth Elida, the oldest daughter, was born on 21 October 1910, followed by Blanche Esther on 26 August 1912, Marian Elizabeth on 9 March 1917, and Mildred Elvena on 4 August 1919. Unfortunately, Blanche died on 13 February 1913, less than 6 months after her birth. Her cause of death is not known, and she was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Antigo, Langlade Co., Wisconsin. Her death certificate lists Blanche's middle name as Marie rather than Esther.

William Kreie's registration card for World War I listed him as having medium height, medium build, brown eyes, and brown hair. The undated card lists his address as RFD #4, Antigo. His wife is listed as Lydia. (See Appendix 4.) William did not serve in World War I.

  L-R: Ruth and Marian Kreie, about 1919 Probably country home, Antigo, Wisconsin  

 L-R: Ruth and Marian Kreie, about 1919
Probably country home, Antigo, Wisconsin 

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