In trying to write a biography of anyone, let alone one's parents, it seems that there can be a difference of someone's history and someone's biography. A biography seems much more objective or factual, while a history often contains more of an interpretive aspect.

I have tried to be objective, though I do view the history of my parents from a child's perspective. While I wish that my parents could review this effort and provide guidance, I do cherish the idea of wonderment and speculation that may be seen in what I have written.

A major problem in writing this biography is that there are few people still living who could help fill in some obvious gaps, particularly in the early years. Several friends have said to me that they wished that they could have asked their parents some questions while their parents were still living. I am no different.

Perhaps, though, knowing what actually happened might have been a disappointment or a let down from some romantic notion that has grown up over the years.

I extend apologies to many persons who were part of this story, but who remain unnamed and their parts in this story untold. They could have added to the story of Kenneth and Marian. Sometimes they remain undiscovered and, therefore, unmentioned in the narrative that follows. Sometimes I have chosen not to include them in this account as a writer's prerogative, feeling that their inclusion would not have added to the work. Most times, I am sure, they have been left out because of ignorance on my part.

Whatever mistakes have been made in writing this history of my parents are mine alone.

While I hope my parents would have approved of the effort on the pages that follow, the biography of my parents is one that I wanted to record and that was written with my personal biases and perspectives.

Craig R. Garrett, MD
12 March 2015