High School Years: Marian Kreie

Little is known about what transpired with Marian during her years at Antigo High School. Whether she participated in any sports or extracurricular activities is not known. She apparently was a good student as documented in the next chapter on the Theda Clark School of Nursing. She was one of 192 persons who were listed as 1935 Antigo High School graduates. This is certainly in marked contrast to Kenneth's graduating class of 12 persons.

Marian Kreie Garrett Probably High School Graduation Photo, 1935

Marian Kreie Garrett
Probably High School Graduation Photo, 1935

A newspaper clipping documented the Antigo High School class of 193 5 60th year reunion. The article noted that there were 190 members in the graduating class, not 192 as noted above. Forty-two members of the class attended a social hour, dinner and program at the Knights of Columbus Club in Antigo. Eighty-one of the class of 1935 were known to have died at the time of the reunion. Marian did not attend because of ill health. She died the following year.

I am not aware that Marian kept in contact with any of her Antigo High School classmates, except perhaps through conversations with her sister Mildred who lived in Antigo for many years.