Appendix 3: Residences of Kenneth and Marian

Their Residences through the Years

1939 Donner apartment, Lorimor, Iowa, a rental

? Home owned at 505 Park Avenue, Lorimor, Iowa Marian's first and favorite house. It was a large two-story stucco house with finished upstairs. It was located just across the street from their apartment.

1950 Apartment, Pleasantville, Iowa, a rental

1951 415 W. Monroe St. Pleasantville, Iowa. A two-bedroom house with one bathroom, an unfinished basement and attic. There was no garage. A well with pump was located to the side of the house. We returned to the house one time to find the basement filled with water, though I do not recall the reason that the basement flooded.

1954 226 S. Iowa, Colfax, Iowa, a rental. A two-bedroom house with a garage under the house and an enclosed porch.

1955 322 S. Lincoln, Colfax, Iowa, a rental. An old house at the time we lived in it, probably built in the early 1900s. There was one bedroom downstairs and three unheated bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. My brother and I slept in the bedroom over the kitchen which had a vent from the kitchen to provide some heat in the winter. Heat was provided by a coal-fired furnace and Mom cooked with bottled natural gas. From the front porch we could see all the way to the next town west about six miles away. It was on a large lot with a detached garage that leaned just a bit just off the alley in back. In back of the house was a root cellar and just beyond Kenneth had a basketball hoop placed. A garden was also in the backyard. Clothes were washed in an electric washer on an enclosed back porch, but water had to be drained by hand from the washer and the rinse tub and emptied in the backyard or down an adjacent embankment.

1958 219 S. Locust, Colfax, Iowa, about $11,500. A small, two-bedroom bungalow with one bathroom and a full, unfinished basement. The lot was exceedingly small with a detached garage just off the alley. The house had a fireplace which was seldom used and my parents installed an air conditioner in the wall near the fireplace. This was their first house with an air conditioning unit of any sort. The basketball hoop was moved from the previous house, but the small yard sloped down in the back making for an awkward court.

1965 1918 South Pennsylvania, Mason City, Iowa, a rental

1969 1143 Crestmore Way, Mason City, Iowa, $22,900. A three-bedroom, one bathroom ranch-style house with an attached garage and central air conditioning. I believe it was their first house that was not painted white. The home in Lorimor was unpainted stucco, however.

1991 RidgePointe Apartments, Minnetonka, Minnesota (Marian)

1993 Hillcrest Health Care Center, Wayzata, Minnesota (Marian)