Appendix II: Listing of duties of Chief, Division of Animal Industry
Iowa Official Register Archive, 1949-1950

Division of Animal Industry, Dr. H. U. Garrett, Chief

Duties of this division:

  1. Enforcement of the laws and regulations governing the control and eradication of animal diseases.
  2. The importation of livestock.
  3. The approving of health certificates for interstate shipments.
  4. Issuing permits for the sale and distribution of anti-hog cholera serum and virus.
  5. Approving requests and securing reports of swine erysipelas vaccine.
  6. Licensing inspection and supervision of livestock sale barns.
  7. Licensing and inspection of rendering plants.
  8. Enforcement of the stallion registration law.
  9. Lay permits for farmer vaccination of hogs.
  10. Giving annual examinations and licensing veterinarians.
  11. Issuing permits for the importation of livestock under quarantine.
  12. Cooperating with the United States Bureau of Animal Industry for the eradication of tuberculosis in animals.
  13. The state-federal program for the control and eradication of brucellosis.
  14. Control of private tests for tuberculosis and brucellosis at the expense of the owner.
  15. Quarantine regulations to control contagious diseases.