High School Graduation: Harley

Harley graduated from Macksburg High School in 1909 at the age of 16. There were eleven members of the graduating class, of whom only 4 were women.

7th Annual Commencement
Macksburg High School
Held in the Methodist Church
Friday, April 30, 1909

The class motto was "Ever onward and upward," the class flower was the yellow rose, and the class colors were royal purple and old gold.

It seems that each member of the graduating class either gave a reading or sang at commencement. Harley gave an 'oration' "The Boy Orator of Zepata City." His niece, Lula Mae Iiams, who was also a classmate, gave a reading entitled, "Betsy Hawking Visits the City."

Those graduating in 1909 included:

  • Helen S. Bennett (Schulte)
  • William "Willie" Albert Busch
  • Madaline Addie Cross (Satchfield)
  • Harley Umberfield Garrett
  • Lula Mae Iiams (Kirkland)
  • Merl Lee Pindell
  • Harl (not Karl) W. Pyle
  • Galen Evan Rowe
  • Bonnie Marie Southworth (Crawford)
  • Walter W. Thomas
  • Loren Clyde Thompson

The 1909 graduating class of Macksburg High School did produce a medical doctor as well as a doctor of veterinary medicine. The last known graduate died in 1988; the first recorded death was in 193 3. The dates of death for two of the eleven graduates are unknown. Though the United States entered World War I within 8 years, only Harl Pyle was found to have served in the military.

Harley U. Garrett-1909 Macksburg High School Graduation

Harley U. Garrett-1909
Macksburg High School Graduation

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