High School Graduation: Floye

It is not clear if Floye graduated from high school at all, and, if she did not, when did she quit. She is quoted in a newspaper article in 1963 as having completed her schooling in Diagonal, Ringgold Co., Iowa. If she would have graduated, it would seem that she would have matriculated in 1910 as implied in the next paragraph. She clearly did not do any post secondary studies.

In her 1939 diary she kept a newspaper clipping of the 1910 high school graduates from Diagonal, Ringgold Co., Iowa. An annotation in her handwriting notes, "The Diagonal class I would have graduated with." The listing was published much later than 1910 as 3 members out of the 10 graduates were noted to have died.

The class members included:

  • Lola Grant Williams lives in Mount Ayr.
  • Dr. Orr Falls, married, lives in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Neva Bailey Smith, lives on a farm northeast of Clearfield.
  • Sylvia Hensley McGuire, deceased.
  • Ethel Graham Sheets, deceased.
  • Bess Stahl McCallon, lives in Osceola.
  • Emile Stuart, married, lives in San Francisco.
  • Josephine Ruby Rand, lives in Kansas City, Cans.
  • Fly McLaughlin Carson, lives in Diagonal.
  • Ruth Bates, deceased.

Family history has it that she lived for a time in Diagonal, Iowa, possibly with her maternal uncle, Dr. Arthur Ernest Jessup, though his obituary states that he did not move to Diagonal until 1909. Whether it was just Floye who lived in Diagonal or with her sister Hallie and/ or her grandmother is not known. Floye was gone from Diagonal by the time the 1920 US federal census was recorded.

The 1910 US Federal Census has Floye living with her sister Hallie and grandmother Delvina in Macksburg, Madison Co., Iowa. Floye is listed as being a clerk in a post office. The same census lists a 'yes' response to the standard inquiry 'attended school. ' The accuracy and meaning of that response is not known.

1910 United States Federal Census, Macksburg,
Grand River Township, Madison County, Iowa:
Last name:    First name:    Relation:    Age:
Jessup Delvina Head 63
Beard Floy L. Granddaughter 17
Beard Hallie G. Granddaughter 16
The censuses of 1920 and 1930 are not helpful, and the relevant
entry for the 1940 census that might have documented her education
cannot be located.
Lorena Floy(e) Beard Undated photo, about 1910

Lorena Floy(e) Beard
Undated photo, about 1910

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