Appendix 5:
Maynard Jones’ POW Letters

The following pages contain several interesting letters.  The first two letters were written by Maynard L. Jones when he was a prisoner of war.  These two letters are the only ones known to exist written on Germany prisoner of war camp stationery.  Note how the letters were stamped by a U.S. censor.  Also note that the letters were written in all capital letters, likely a requirement by the German authorities.

The third letter is one of nine letters written by Maynard’s parents to him that were ultimately returned and not received by Maynard.  Some of the letters, for example the one here, were returned because of a lack of a prisoner of war number.  (Maynard’s POW number was 53634.)  Other letters, however, were returned even though the POW number was written as required.

It is not known how many letters Maynard received from his parents while he was a prisoner of war.