Appendix 4:
Tibenham, Norfolk, England:  After the War

After the war, the Tibenham area ultimately returned to its rural roots.

The United States Army Air Force occupied the Tibenham Air Field from November 4, 1943 and closed April 25, 1945.  The air field’s runways had been extended in preparation for the arrival of the B-29 Superfortress.  However, B-29s never landed at Tibenham.  After the closure of the air field, it was handed back to the RAF and later sold in 1964-1965.  The control tower was not demolished until 1978.

The Norfolk Gliding Club was established at the former air field.  See the visit by James Stewart above.

A church at village of Tibenham has a memorial to the fallen from the 445th Bombardment Group.