Edith Bushnell - Adulthood:

At some point after her high school graduation, Edith became a teacher.

Edith's father Elisha died suddenly on 31 August 1915 at the age of 56 while inspecting a new jail building at Glenwood, Iowa. He apparently was standing on a scaffold, crumpled and fell. It was thought that he had suffered some previously unrecognized heart problem.

Edith was 23-years-old at the time of her father's death and was teaching at the unincorporated village of Mineola, Mills Co., Iowa, and was not living with her parents. The obituary for Elisha noted that Edith's sister Ruth was also a teacher at Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., Iowa. Ruth had just graduated from Glenwood High School.

Etta moved back to Malvern after her husband's death to live for a while with her daughter Mertie Viola Rush and family.

Edith Laraway Bushnell, undated Possibly about age 25, 1917

Edith Laraway Bushnell, undated
Possibly about age 25, 1917

At some point before the 1920 census, Edith had moved back to Malvern and had dropped her teaching occupation. Apparently, her mother had obtained her own housing, so it is possible that Edith and her sister Ruth both decided to be at home to assist their mother.

1920 United States Federal Census:
Last name:    First name:    Age: Relation:    Place born: Occupation:
Bushnell Etta A 57 Head Iowa None
Edith L. 27 Daughter Iowa Book Keeper: Hardware Store
Ruth E. 25 Daughter Iowa Book Keeper: Garage

Edith's brothers and sisters included:

  • Mertie Viola Bushnell, b. 21Nov1882, d. 13 Jun 1951
  •     m. Weaver Aldus Rush
  • Rebecca Bushnell, b. 25 Dec 1884, d. 27 Jun 1885
  • Bertha Maude Bushnell, b. 13May1886, d. 7Oct1974
  •     m. Lawrence Alva Talbott
  • Mary Parmelia Bushnell, b. 19 Oct 1888, d. 20 Mar 1964
  •     m. Robert Milton Ranne
  • Elisha Read Bushnell, b. 16 Sep 1890, b. 16 Sep 1890
  • Ruth Ethelyn Bushnell, b. 17May1895, b. 24Nov 1992
  •     m. Thomas Carlisle Adkins