The Barkus Family - 1960s

By 1960, Edith had lived in Malvern for 68 years and in the same house for about 48 years. The population of Malvern according to the census of 1960 was only 190 individuals more than the population of 1,003 recorded in 1900. Many local businesses had vanished as small family farms coalesced into fewer and fewer larger operations, as the town was bypassed by US Highway 34, as the railroad no longer was important in the economy, and as poultry production moved out of state.

Edith's fourth and last grandchild, Todd Linden Jones, was born in Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa, on 10 January 1960.

In December 1961, Edith traveled to Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa, to visit her daughter B. Lou and her family over the holidays. While attending a social club's annual Christmas party hosted for the members' parents, Edith had a seizure which was later diagnosed as a cerebral aneurysm with subarachnoid hemorrhage. She was transferred from Skiff Hospital in Newton to Methodist hospital in Des Moines and surgery was performed, though she never recovered. She died two weeks later on 1 January 1962 in Des Moines. Services were held two days later at Mansfield Funeral Home with Rev. John Lipincoitt officiating. Burial occurred at the Malvern Cemetery.
In her obituary it was written:

Edith was noted for her kindness of heart and caring for others, especially older people. She cared for her husband through his last years. She ministered to the needs of her mother, who for her last seven years was bed-fast. She was always among the first to help in caring for others.
Her zest for living and her love of her child and grandchildren, as well as other young people is well known.

Cemetery Markers Malvern Cemetery, Malvern, Iowa

Cemetery Markers
Malvern Cemetery, Malvern, Iowa

Louis' cemetery marker lists his rank as corporal of the 11th Regt USMC