Appendix 6: Eighth Grade Prophesies for the Two Classes and the 1965 High School Prophecy

8A Class Prophecy
Written by Linda Provost and Martha Monroe

The lights dimmed upon the audience. Suddenly someone approached me and said, “This is your life.”

I thought back upon my life and reviewed in my mind old friendships which I had forgotten about or neglected during my long years in China as a doctor-missionary.

I can scarcely believe that the class clown, Don Evans, is now President of our United States.

Equally amazing is the fact that Larry ‘Larro’ Price, the English class stooge is now one of the most prominent English literaries (sic) in the annals of American history.

Linda Provost, who was one of the most untalented girls in P.T. turned out to be four times Olympic track star and now owns and operates the YM-YWCA of Los Angeles.

Using one of his many traits, Duane “Doc” Lewis is currently leading the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and in his few spare moments signs at the Met as one of the world’s most renown (sic) sopranos.

Janice Robison (sic), well-known for her lengthy hair, is the main attraction at the Ringling Brothers Circus as one of the world’s youngest and only bald lady at 22.

During the national convention of 1988 many nominations for the Vice Presidency were made, but because of his close association with the Presidential nominee, Harold Davis stood out as the most likely canditate (sic). There’ll be a hot time in the White House tonight!
I hadn’t heard much from Cindy Jones lately. When we were younger she was one of the most popular girls around, but as she got older she deteriorated. Because she never married she had a chance to rise to great heights in the business world. She now owns three of the major corporations in the country and lives alone in an eighty-room mansion on Long Island.

Craig Garrett was once voted most likely to suceed (sic), but he suceeded (sic) only in becoming one of the best and most popular street cleaners that Chicago ever had.

Among the great businesswomen, Sharon Mallory is second only to Cindy Jones. As president of the Acme Comb Company, she has suceeded (sic) in making a comb that cleans and conditions your hair as you use it.

Deeling (sic) the need for companionship, Terrie (sic) Smith joined the Army, and after much faithful service is now a major. She and her family live in a creaky castle at Cape Canaveral.

San Francisco is now a very crime-ridden city since their new chief of police, Martha Monroe, took office.

The greatest woman golfer since Babe Diedrichson (sic) is Linda Darrock who got her first practice sessions in the football field during Sunday School.

Upon graduation from high school, Julia Musgrove entered the school of nursing and became a world-known dietician, gourmet, and connosieur (sic) of exotic foods. She later accompanied her brother, Jim, on one of his expeditions.

Among the great executives of the world, twins Marilyn and Marlin Wing have combined their talents into the greatest rubber band industry of the world. Buying up all the rubber plantations of South America, they have become two very wealty (sic) people.

Cathy Wenes, owner of the famous Wenes Stewardess School has for the third time won the title of the world’s slowest and worst flier. Upon receiving this award she left for her home two blocks away. She is expected home tomorrow.

Julie Stinson become (sic) one of the most celebrated orthdontists (sic) in Alaska.  Specializing in children, she nearly murders every one that comes to her for treatment. This is because of a childhood hatred for dentists.

When Jim ‘slot machine’ Briles broke the bank at Monte Carlo he became the first such man to put the money to good use. He bought the whole darned place.

After obtaining much money by various ways, Jim Musgrove got up a party of explorers and financed a trip to Egypt where he looked for Cleopatra the first. He wanted to see the ‘mummy’.

Because of much experiance (sic) Sherry Faidley now owns and operates a girl’s training school.

During school Bob Van Elsen was familiar with figures of all kinds. Now a photographer and part-time geometry teacher, he puts this to good use.

In the backwoods of Kentucky you will find a bare-footed hermit. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it he is Gene Steenhoek.

Of all my classmates in all their positions I think we are all most proud of Dennis Henderson, who was the least likely but rose above the handicap to earn the title of ‘Mr. America’.

Tom Reed who never paid much attention in science class, later in life wished he had. When he was twenty-five he was making a test for orange juice and accidently dropped some grape juice into the mixture. As he drank it he noticed a strange happening. He is now accredited with being a mad scientist by day and a werewolf by night, a noteworthy accomplishment.

The Albert Einstein of our group turned out to be the least likely namely one Vernon Seiroe (sic). His theoris (sic) helped put his close friend and associate, Fred Miller, onto the moon, where Fred welcomed the Russians ten minutes later.

There is always a black sheep in the crowd and Mike Kints (sic) is our ‘little lamb’. Being married fifteen times and never divorced he is somewhat of a controversial figure. We hope to see him at the next class reunion if he survives his alimony payments.

Coming out of the past and into the present I realized that many of my old friends were there on stage with me, looking tired and haggered (sic), but satisfied that they had fullfilled (sic) their mission (sic) in life.

8B Class Prophecy
by Carolyn Zackary (sic)

The 1960-1961 Eighth Grade Graduation Class were (sic) invited to a reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ruggles (sic). It had been six years since all the classmates had been together. Ross and his bride Marilyn Wing both graduated from the 1960-61 Eighth Grade Class. They had just recently bought a large farm and are getting a nice start. They have two children a girl and a boy. Ross graduated from Iowa State College and is now a licensed veterinarian. He is practicing on his own livestock.

The first car to arrive was Sue Good and Naomi Rawlins. Sue is a private secretary for E. T. McSwain, the Dean of School of Education. Naomi is a beauty operator and own three shops of her own.

The next car to arrive was Judie Shepley and Mary Hansen. Judie and Mary are both Airline Stewardesses. They just had to come back and see their old friends and enemies, even if they can stay for just a little while.

By this time Ross and Marilyn were talking to their guests. They were all talking and yelling about their experiences, when they heard an awful noise. Up the driveway came a big black limousine. Who was in it? No one but the class clown Bill Muck or was it Bill? Out of the car stepped a man and opened the back door. A gray haired man wearing dark glasses jumped out. The man took off his glasses and sure enough it was Bill. Bill is a very prominent baseball player. He gets $1,286,000,00 (sic) a year not counting his baseball companies (sic) incomes. He has been married four times and never divorsed (sic). (Cad)

Everyone was taking to Bill when Richard Brafford and his wife Donna Berenwahl (sic). Richard is making a career of the Navy. He and Donna have a little boy two years old. While everyone was congratulating Richard and Donna Noel Heathman arrived in a little sports car. Noel is a test driver and is making lots of money. He is getting married in June to a nurse he met while he was recuperating in a Chicago hospital. He had two broken ribs. Everyone was laughing when Sharon Annis and Carolyn Zackary (sic) arrived.  Carolyn is married and is a professional ice skater now, she has twin girls and one little boy. Sharon is an Airline Stewardess and is engaged to be married to a wealthy ranch owner in California.  Everyone was talking up a storm when the telephone rang. The call was from a ship in the Pacific Ocean, it was Linda Sneller. Linda is on her way to a far off country to be a missionary. Linda is married and has triplett (sic) boys. Linda had to quit talking because the call cost $20.00 per minute. Everyone had settled down and thought that this was all that was going to come when up drove three more cars. Larry Pierce and his wife and four children got out of the first one. Larry is a very successful farmer and is going up into the livestock business. Dennis Conn and his wife and two girls were in the second car.  Dennis is a mechanic for the Brown Garage in Des Moines. The third car was a new Lincoln belonging to Bill Pion. He brought Doug Holderfer (sic). They are both married and have two children each. They are also making the Navy their career. Doug is a sargent (sic) and Bill is a Navy Engineer.

Everyone was talking yelling, the children were crying, laughing and playing, when we heard on Ross’s radio a news flash “Calling Ross Ruggles (sic) farm”, “Calling Ross Ruggles (sic) farm”. Ross told us all to be quiet and he answered the call by short wave. “Ruggles (sic) farm to unidentified plane. “Go ahead”. The voice over the radio explained what it was doing flying over his farm. Ross told it to land. It no sooner had landed and out jumped Marilyn Brown, Kathy Hunter, and Sandra Miller. The girls had hired the plane to bring them to the farm. Marilyn is a private secretary for the President of the United States. Kathy is making a career in the Waves. Sandra is now a nurse in a big hospital and is engaged to a young Doctor (sic) there. Everyone sat down again and was talking over old times, when Betty Kendall and Sara Collins arrived. Both girls are very good nurses in a Childrens’s (sic) Hospital in New York City. The bright lights appeal to both (of) the girls. Kay Purcell (sic) and her husband and five children were next to arrive. Kay married her former boss, and now she seems to be the boss.

The telephone rang wildly, it was a phone call from Jim Nell. He sent his regards to everyone and wished he could be present at the reunion, but he told us he was going to be leaving this earth of ours soon. Him is an astronaut (sic). This was Jims (sic) fondest desire. We hope to see him next year. We were talking about Jim the Astronout (sic) and the Space program when the phone rang again. This time it was Sandra Oswalt she told us she was sorry she couldn’t be with us but she had been in surgery all morning. We couldn’t understand how she could talk so freely after being in surgery. We didn’t understand, she hadn’t had surgery herself but was a nurse in surgery at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.

Soon it was dinner time and everyone enjoyed the fried chicken dinner and all the trimmings, especially the home made ice cream.

Well this day may never come but if it should I hope it will be fun for every one.


Colfax Senior High Class Prophecy, 1965

    House lights are dimmed and the spotlight is centered on the screen.  A picture appears: "Travels With Esther", produced by Mike Sense and Charles Orred; a "Censored Production."

    As one can readily see, alumni are gathered together for the opening of the great Broadway comedy, "Travels With Esther".  The picture depicts a former Colfax English teacher's everyday acquantences, incidents and happenings during her twenty-five years of teaching in the exciting community of Colfax, Iowa.  As the spotlight operator scans the capacity audience, he recognizes many familiar faces of the class of "65", for the operator, Larry Pierce, was a member of this remarkable class.  He comes upon the familar face of Cathy Wenes,  She seems to be clutching a banner advertizing her famous branch of hotels for the "aged", featuring Frug, Twist, Swim and Watusi dances every Saturday night for all visitors over 75.  Her renown dance instructor, Janice Robson, seems to be accompanying her for this exciting occasion.  The spotlight catches upon a disturbance in the third aisle to the left.  It seems as if someone is trying to putt a golf-ball into one of the floor light sockets.  Larry immediately recognizes the familiar face of the great golf pro Bob Ban Elsen and hs fan-club, "Bob's Mob".  This guy never seems to quit practicing since the day that Craig Garret, the remarkable champion, heavy-weight wrestler praised Bob for his dogged determination in the field.  It looks as if a party is entering the program a little late.  Yes, here comes Him Nell, Doug Holdafer, Richard Brafford, Freddie Miller, and Darrell Temple, who are all members of the exclusive New York Taxi-Club.  In order to be a member, one must prove that he can out-drag any make of Rolls-Royce and complete a round trip of the 5th Avenue Subway in less than four hours.  These honored members have given rides to many worldly renown personalities: such as; Madame Terri Smith, a $50,000 comedy preformer -- her funniest act is imitating herself. Tom Reed -- the multi-millionaire owner of the fime time New York Mets, and Don Evans -- the "skinny man" of Barnum and Bailey Circus also enter.

    Our spotlight man, Larry, is now getting rather excited over seeing many of his former classmates, hence, he explores the audience again.  He finds Mike Kintz and Marilyn Wing Kintz marveling over their new offer to appear in Carnegie Hall.  They are now an excellent ballet team traveling all around the world doing fantastic performances.  Linda Provost comes into the spotlight next.  She is now a very successful horse-woman who owns 75 horse rances and 125 horse trophies.  Of course, give credit where credit is due, Linda Hasselman and her 22 children are responsible for the success of these rancehes -- they are very capable horse trainers.  Juilia and Jim Musgrove are sitting beside teh two Lindas.  They are the proud owners of "J. J. M. Rodent Preservation for More Catfood Co." -- a very successful operation.

    It seems as if the first part of the premiere has ended and the people are filing out into the lobby.  Larry decides to climb down from his perch on the spotlight stand to say hellow to some of his classmates.  He first runs into his old buddy Bob Clark, who now runs a health studio in Paris.  Bob is talking to three eligible, good-looking bachelors, Larry Price, Dennis Henderson, and Marlin Wing.  But don't get the wrong idea, none of the beautiful women they've dated have ever gottne their hooks into them yet.  Larry Pierce moves on and runs smak into a very distinguishable lady.  (I say distinguishable because Janis Milbourn is 36-23-36 and still growing).  She is the leading New York Model for Brown's Shoe Stores Inc.  Bill Pion and Carolyn Zachary Pion are now familiar columnists in the Chicago Tribune.  If one may not recognize their names -- their column is entitled "Hollywood Personalities."  Sharon Annis, Linda Sneller, and Mary Hansen head their intelligent staff -- who are comenly known as the "Super Snoops."  As Larry drinks a cup of coffee, he notices the picture on the coffee cup.  He should, because everybody knows the famous face of Donna Reynolds and her "Reynold's Coffee Mills."  Larry decides he had better get back to the spotlight before the second part begins.  As Larry starts back, he recognizes Ross Ruggles and Denny Con just entering the auditorium.  They've probably just come back from one of their long trips advertising ladies' wear.  Denny and Ross told Larry that they had just gotten word from Judie Shepley, their boss: They are both selling fro Judie's firm.  Her motto is -- "Be Shapely, Buy Shepley's!"

    One will never believe it, but Larry has just received a telegram (handed to him by the messanger boy, Terry Karsten) informing him that his neighbor Jim Briles is the proud father of the twelth child in the family.  Jim can now have a two-team basketball squad, for they are all girls!  Why just last weekend Larry, Jim, and their wives went out to eat at "Sherry's Ferry" -- a nightclub owned by Sherry Faidly, featuring Sandra Miller as the bartender, Sara Collins as the most popular waitress, and Bonnie Hanke as the "main attraction."

    As Larry looks around, he spots an unusual sight in the audience.  It looks as if V. M. Seieroe has take the cap off the Brylcream bottle again.  Don't let Vern fool you, he doesn't take the cap off only to keep his hair in place, but to see that good-looking girl who comes with it!  Same old Vern.  Sharon Mallory, the vice-president of the P.C.C.A. (Puma, Crevice, and Cuticle Association) has just walked in the door: SHe must have had a "Puma Convention" to attend before this gala affair.  Julie Stinson and Cindy Jones are now co-owners of the giant ice-cream industries.  Thier many "Dairy-Freezes" are scattered throughout the country.  They are quite a team -- Julie keeps Cindy out of the chocolate and Cindy keeps Julie from snitching candy bars.  Larry notices someone "bouncing" up and down the aisle.  He immediately recognizes his former class president, Martha Monroe, who has a peculiar pastime of riding her pogo-stick to and from where she wants to go.  One day she bounced so hat that Mary Poppin's umbrella stick poked here hin the eye.  That'll teach her.

    Larry catches sight of Linda Darrock -- commenly called the "stargazer."  Linda has been gazing at the sky for over 25 years, franatically hunting the "golf-ball" which Bob V. E. howls at every moon-lit night.  Gene Steenhoek is sitting beside Linda.  Gene is now a bean farmer - his famous farm (Gene's Bean Farm) covers four counties in the huge state of Iowa.  Larry has to look twice to recognize the last person.  It seems as if Pat Taylor tried one of Mr. Truog's famous laboratory experiments, sniffed some chlorine fumes, and turned into the "Jolly Green Giant's Girlfriend."

    Larry has gaind great satisfaction from reviewing past memories of his former classmates.  And, as all will agree, there will never be another such unusual class graduating from the halls of C.H.S.