Appendix 13: Fiftieth Year Colfax High School Reunion, Class of 1965

The Colfax High School class of 1965 held its 50-year reunion activities over this past Memorial Day weekend, beginning with a multi-class reception on Friday night, May 23d. Graduating classes from 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967, along with teachers and friends were also invited to join the class of 1965 at the Colfax Historical Society. Over 80 persons attended the reception. Jerry Bell, class of 1963, served as the DJ for the evening. Jim Dimit, former principal, and wife Susan were special guests.

On Saturday morning, the 23d, Linda Darrock gave a guided tour of downtown Colfax entitled, “Remember When…” Linda is an active member of the Colfax Main Street organization and was able to remind tour participants of businesses that had occupied addresses in the downtown area as well as providing other historical tidbits. The group ended its tour at Weirick’s Drug Store where several members of the class of 1965 had the same beverages that they would have ordered over 50 years ago.

At noon on Saturday, Bill and Fredena Pion hosted the class luncheon at the Howard Street Christian Church for twenty-three class members, spouses, two former members of the class, and two teachers, Ms. Kathleen Sage Luther and Mr. Dave M. Edwards. Martha Monroe Hancock, the president of the class of 1965, served as moderator for the luncheon. Sherry Faidley Healy distributed a notebook that she had prepared to those attending. The notebook contained biographies of individual members of the class of 1965 and other memorabilia from the class’ years in grade school through high school.

Formal reunion events ended on Saturday evening with the Alumni Banquet held at the Colfax-Mingo High School. Julie Stinson Heatherly, representing the class of 1965, gave an inspiring, heartfelt address as part of the evening’s program. Her well-received speech contained stories and reminiscences of growing up in Colfax.

Of forty-seven graduates from 1965, three have passed away, including Sandra Miller Allfree, Carolyn Zachary Pion, and most recently Dennis Conn. In addition to the twenty-five classmates and former classmates pictured, Linda Sneller Tibboel was present on Friday night, but was unable to attend Saturday’s luncheon when the picture was taken.

In addition to Iowa, other states represented by returning members of the class of 1965 included Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington, Colorado, South Dakota, and Nevada. Thirteen members of the class of 1965 married other graduates from Colfax High School, and twenty-five were either members of the armed forces or were married to someone who served in the military.

Photo identification left to right:

Front Row; Sara Collins Cones, Linda Darrock, Linda Provost Jacobson, Julia Musgrove Poulson, Nancy Hanel Moe*, Judie Shepley Lafferty

Row 2; Sherry Faidley Healy, Cindy Jones Wagner, Cathy Wenes Ostrowski, Dennis Henderson, Julie Stinson Heatherly

Row 3; Bonnie Hanke Herbold, Linda Hasselman Van Elsen, Janice Robson Keenan, Martha Monroe Hancock, Robert Van Elsen, James Briles

Top Row; Bill Pion, Terry Karsten#, Darrell Temple, Gene Steenhoek, Craig Garrett, Freddie Miller, Bob Hadsall*, Vernon Seieroe

*indicates former classmates
#Terry Karsten died from pneumonia on October 16, 2015.

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